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Skullcandy Inc. is an American company based in Park City, Utah that markets headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players, and other products.

Jordan mentioned, "I’ve used multiple pairs of Skullcandy headphones, they consistently break a year after purchasing. The sound quality during that year is decent, but usually there’s better headphones available at the same price point."


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Product Developement (Current Employee) says

"Seriously think twice before even applying here. They will try and lure you in with their "cool" culture, but you will soon find that it fades fast and is replaced with unrealistic expectations, zero regard for work-life balance, and management that takes credit for others' work. Skullcandy has no clear strategy, they have goals. The culture has deteriorated, mostly toxic in certain departments. Wages are sub-par, but they would disagree. No opportunity for mentorship or advancement. Absolutely zero work-life balance in some departments. Zero accountability. Zero transparency, even worse communication. In-fighting and grudge matches (power struggles).Flex timeDishonest, insidious management; bad culture; abysmal pay, zero advancement"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"When I first started Skullcandy was a great place to work due to the people and the great opportunities that were given to you. However, in the last couple of years a lot has changed and the culture has gone down. There's also not a lot of growth opportunities or career paths to follow here. Overall, Park City is amazing and the building is great but I would not recommend working here."

Admin Team (Former Employee) says

"A lot of turnover with upper management. Unique perks, but threats to job security often looming."

Customer Experience Director (Current Employee) says

"Great work environment. Tough to move up or advance. Business going through several changes. Half day Friday's once a month with food trucks that come on those days. Discounts to local events."

Sr. Marketing Executive (Former Employee) says

"SkullCandy was the best place I've ever worked! I say this because I was challenged each day, motivated to do my best and feel supported by my Functional & Sales team. It was a joy coming to work each day!"

Niraja Acharya says

"I've bought a skull candy earphone with 2 years warranty period. Now it stopped functioning and it's more than 1 year warranty period is left. I've tried to contact skull candy costumer service center through some social networking sites like gmail and twitter. It's being 7 days they are still not responding. Worst service provider."

Dhr. J.B. Woordes says

"Kind customer support representative, but a terrible warranty policy... I bought brand new Crusher headphones from SkullCandy, however they arrived with a defect. I understand that production errors can happen, so I don't blame them for it. However I do blame them for the terrible warranty policy. They offered me to return the headphones for an exchange, however this offer came with the following requirements: - I have to pay for the return shipping - If the package gets lost during shipment, then I will be held responsible - If the Crushers aren't in stock upon arrival of my package, I will only be offered a store credit, not a refund - Considering the time it took to get in touch with SkullCandy, send it back to their facility, have them process the exchange and return a new item - I would be 2 weeks without headphones, although I originally ordered the headphones with a next-day-delivery I'm sure SkullCandy is a legit company, however until they improve their warranty policy, I wouldn't take the risk of ordering with them. Especially when their competitors Sennheiser & Sony have both delivered me excellent support in the past. Lastly, don't reach out to them on Facebook Messenger, you get a very unprofessional response (if any)."

Student Juan-Carlos Padilla says

"skullcandy is just not the headphones for me because it just keeps on bugging and its really hard just to connect them so if you like music and get this headphones beware for the worst ever music you have ever heard even if its your favorite song skullcandy will just ruin it for you"

Spence says

"Trash company for still selling headphones that need an app to use that aren't supported by the app and it tells you to buy new headphones. Bought em at target, 30 minutes later I returned them. Eat a floppy one."

Art Anicetus says

"Got it for Christmas as a gift. And is so bad that I was about to bin it. But my wife stoped me and then I find out that it cost £110! OMG my JVC from asda cist £5 and sound 1000 times better. Scullcandy sound quality very very bad. It's feel like neighbour listening music. You can't hear bass guitars and drums is so poor. And volume is very low. It is good only to listening news and weather forecast. To use it you need to learn how many times touch earbuds and how long to keep. It's like learn Morse code. And is very uncomfortable. For this price it is very poor product."

Dan Cote says

"I purchased the Push Ultra headphones on Oct 26th of this year. I am constantly reseting these things, and charging them is a hassle. I wiggle the ear wraps and wait till the red light shows, then I zip the case. Right now, at 5:30 am they are in the case and connected to my phone when they should be off and charged. I have come to a drained headset and case too many times. The last week or so, has been extra annoying, they now seem to be cutting out frequently. I know I am within range, as my phone is in my pocket, well inside the range they boast. For spending over $100, I should not be this unhappy with them. Unfortunately, I am 23 days past Walmart's 30 day return policy on headphones. While trying to submit a warranty claim, it says "send us an email". Immediately received an email saying "this email is no longer monitored, submit your claim online." I went to fill out all fields and the only option available is Review Claim. So, I press it. That just resets the claim form, so here we are. Frustrated."

Dee Cee says

"I have been using Skullcandy headphones for a long time but the latest purchase - Hopeful Push™ Ultra True Wireless Earbuds with Print was an absolute disappoint. Bought it was myself and it was too painful for long wear and my partner has been using it. After 3 weeks of use the cords that are meant to keep the headphones in place are not long doing their job. They just flop about. This is such a wasteful purchase and I cannot return it now. Not happy with the purchase at all."

J H says

"Performance that is worse than my bargain-basement headphones. No phone number, no customer service email address that works, a glitchy chat interface that only works on full screen monitor. Horrible company horrible products horrible Service. never again. Inaccuracies on their website, inaccuracies in their instructions and a great number of the reviews on their website are probably fake because they describe features that don't even apply to the product under which they're listed. And no way to actually leave a review on their site."

Jasim Salim says

"I had bought a skullcandy indy about 2 months ago and i have been using it pretty much regularly since then. Recently (yesterday) the charging case stopped charging the buds when not connected to a charging cable itself. When i even open or close the lid,the lights on the case do not light up even after charging it 100%. I would highly appreciate any kind of help to fix my charging case"

Tiborc Kolozsi says

"First time ordering from Skullcandy... But I would consider ordering again. I ordered Evo Headphones, wich wasn't the cheapest thing to buy, and they send me an e-mail that my package was delivered, yet I didn't get anything. Somehow I contacted them through e-mail, and they responded that my package was actually given to someone who I didnt even know. And actually gave them an exact adress and two phone numbers, and I got no text messages nor a call or something..."

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